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Since 1988, Cougar Metal has been chosen to participate in some of the most difficult projects along the North American West Coast. From the 2006 Seismic retrofit of the infamous ”Galloping Gerty” to the twinning of the Tacoma Narrows Span with the Betchel/Kiewet Joint Venture, Cougar has a strong reputation for the highest level of quality and standards.

Whether satisfying Caltrans on the New Bay Bridge in San Francisco with the Kiewit / FCI / Manson Joint Venture or tweaking a design for the US Army Corps of Engineers on self regulating dam gates on the Cougar Dam project in Oregon, Cougar has a long history of ensuring our clients and owners are spared the hidden costs of excessive and repetitive inspection and administrative costs.

Our Mission: To supply sophisticated heavy industrial contractors and owners with the fabrication of complex structures and components through value engineering, pre-emptive planning, and superior quality management systems that are dedicated to serve our client's best interest.

Service Delivery: Completed in 2004, our manufacturing facility allows for direct rail and barge-loading of oversized components thereby increasing our ability to service a more diverse scope at a reduction of cost to our clients.

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